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Why Does Your Car Need Our Detailing Treatment?

How is car detailing service different from car cleaning? This is a very frequently asked question we get. Car cleaning means simply cleaning out the surface to remove daily dust while detailing means thoroughly cleaning a car’s interior & exterior to remove all unwanted particles and regain its luxurious look. 


Cars, after a usage of a few months, start looking dull because of the dust, pollution, and harsh weather they face. Our mechanics are experts in cleaning out every piece of debris at an affordable pricing structure. Moreover, we offer car detailing in Dubai for every vehicle’s interior & exterior, helping clean the floor, roof, and seats. Book us for reliable & quick treatments in Dubai.

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If you have any questions, feel free to call us or get free appoitment.

Non-Toxic Treatments

We always use green products for regaining your car’s luxurious appearance to avoid later-on issues. Hire us for reliable car detailing services in Dubai.

Free Consultations

Offering free online consultations, we help our customers select the required vehicle services. Send us a request to connect with our experts.

24/7 Availability

Ensuring online availability 24/7, our attentive team is obliged to help you with bookings and clearing your queries regarding every auto detailing aspect.

Our Highlighted Detailing Services For Keeping Your Car Luxurious

  • Paint Protection Films: We always cover your auto vehicle with the PPF treatment to protect its paint from getting any exterior harm like scratch marks.
  • Car Interior Detailing: Car floors & seats usually get dust particles and stains; our experts thoroughly remove every unwanted particle & add luxury to it.
  • Wax & Polish Services: For removing car scratch marks, we use modern wax and polishing methods; hire us for quick car detailing in Dubai & nearby areas.
  • Car Tire Cleaning: Car tires experience stubborn dirt; therefore, our team focuses on their detailed cleaning to maintain the luxurious look of your car.
  • High-Quality Sprays: Avoiding toxic chemicals containing sprays, we use green products for your car cleaning. Also, they help in adding protection to the car’s surface.

Reasons For Choosing Our Car Detailing Treatments?


Using expert methods and tools to regain your car’s looks, being a trust-worthy garage, German Auto Expert keeps its pricing chart lower than the market. We help add an increment to your car resale value with the help of our detailed car cleaning services in Dubai.


  • Expert Mechanics: Understanding the requirements of your car, we always use reliable modern means for cleaning its exterior & interior parts.


  • Instant Serving Manners: Ensuring availability 24/7, our team attentively replies to your queries and booking requests. Book quick detailing services for your vehicle now.


  • A Complete Protection: Mechanics at German Auto Expert never forget to add protective films to your vehicle for 100% customer satisfaction & reliability of the services.


  • Reliable Services: Keeping our charges lower than the entire UAE market, we ensure 100% premium quality with the availability of 24/7 & quick serving etiquette.