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Expert Car Transmission Repair Services in Dubai

Get Our Transmission Repair Services to Drive with Confidence

At our garage, we have a team of highly skilled workers who make sure the complete maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s transmission. We understand the importance of transmission, and thus our services are designed to let you drive with confidence on the road. 


Our team will first take a test drive to assess the main issue, and then our technicians will fix it with proficiency. With advanced techniques and expert craftsmanship, we will diagnose and remedy the transmission issue. 


  • Transmission Inspection
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Clutch Repair/Replacement
  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Rebuild
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If you have any questions, feel free to call us or get free appoitment.

Affordable Rates

We cost you low on our every vehicle service, thus, you can book our team without breaking the bank.

Always Available

Our team is all the time available to provide you with professional assistance in case of emergencies.

Pickup Service

Call our workers, and they will arrive at your location to pick your vehicle up at our store in no time.

What Car Transmission Issues We Fix in Our Workshop?

  • Lack of Transmission Fluid: Inadequate liquid can result in poor lubrication and increased friction and can make your car’s transmission stop working. 


  • Incorrect Fluid Type: Using incorrect transmission fluid can degrade the properties of your car’s transmission and compromise its proper functioning.


  • Worn-Out Clutches: Manual transmission actually relies on clutches. So, if your vehicle has worn-out clutches, it can cause a problem with gear slipping/transmission, and your car ultimately stops its proper working. 


  • Manufacturing Defect: Defective components of your vehicle can sometimes cause improper functioning. In such cases, if you skip its regular maintenance, like fluid change, it can result in premature transmission failure. 


  • Overheating: During intense driving situations, excessive heat gets generated, which can result in a faulty cooling system, ultimately damaging your vehicle’s transmission components. 


At German Auto Expert, we specialize in fixing all these issues and provide our customers with proper tips to keep their vehicles in the best of its condition. Call our team right now and book our exceptional transmission repair services in Dubai at discounted prices.

Why Should You Choose Us for Car Transmission Repair?

When it comes to your vehicle, you obviously look out for the number 1 repair shop where you can get all the services at low prices. Well, our garage is considered a prior choice for everyone in Dubai, where you can get your vehicle back into its perfect condition. We offer you our top-notch car transmission repair services, thus making your car run smoothly. 


  • Free Quotation & Estimation: You can ask our team to provide you with a free quotation & quick estimation service. 


  • Complete Inspection: We are committed to first inspecting your vehicle to diagnose every issue and then start working on it. 


  • Team of Professionals: We have knowledgeable staff members who know how exactly to get any issue with the car fixed. 


  • Require Minimum Time: Our team requires minimum time to resolve every problem of your vehicle.