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Keep Your Aston Martin Car in Good Condition with Our Services

At German Auto Repair, we offer you our top-tier car services at really fair rates. We have a team of certified technicians and Aston Martin car mechanics in Dubai with years of experience. Our experts take pride in committing themselves to delivering the best vehicle repair solutions. 


At our garage, your vehicle will receive the proper care and attention. We promise to give your car a new life according to your requirements. Our team will thoroughly inspect and diagnose any or every issue. You can bring our vehicle to us at any time, and we promise to provide you with the best of our amenities. 


  • Car Cleaning Services
  • Auto Parts Replacement
  • Aston Martin Detailing
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Car Tier Services
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What Service We Provide at Our Aston Martin Auto Shop?

Oil Change

We always use high-quality oil for your vehicle, ensuring that your Aston Martin car receives the perfect lubrication and you experience excellence in your drive.


At our Aston Martin workshop in Dubai, we offer you our top-notch car suspension services to keep your vehicle running smoothly while ensuring your comfort and your car’s maintenance.


The professional technicians at our workshop will first inspect and then fix the transmission issue, ensuring its proper functioning, and will do a test drive on your Aston Martin car before handing it over to you.


We understand the importance of your Aston Martin vehicle’s engine and thus offer you our reliable engine replacement and fixing services. We will ensure your car’s engine is working properly and smoothly.


If your Aston Martin car has any sort of AC issues, you are welcome to our garage, where we fix every problem regarding your AC system. We can recharge refrigerant, repair compressor, blower motor, etc.

All the Time Available

Our team is available 24/7 for you to assist you and provide you with free quotation & . consultation services

5 Major Aston Martic Car Problems We Fix at Our Garage

  • Fix Low Engine Performance: If your Aston Martin car engine is low on power, leaking the air, or running roughly, there is no need to worry. Our experts are here to fix this issue in the minimum of time and will bring your engine back to its actual smooth functioning. 


  • Brake System Replacement: Safety, of course, is the most important thing during driving, and thus, our experienced workers are here to replace and repair your Aston Martin car’s brake system. We will resolve the brake issues like grinding, squealing, or low brake performance. 


  • Fixing Spark Plugs: One of the most common issues is the sparking of car plugs, which we see almost daily in our garage. We have complete expertise in fixing them so that you won’t face any poor fuel economy, misfiring, or rough driving. 


  • Exhaust System Repair: Aston Martin exhaust system issues are also fixed at our garage by professionals. These issues are mainly because of increased emissions or decreased fuel efficiency. Or workers will resolve them and repair the exhaust system perfectly.  


  • Replacing Ignition Coils: Along with spark plugs, the ignition coils demand replacement. If they do not get replaced on time, they can cause misfiring. At our workshop, we replace these coils with the high-quality ones and at reasonable rates.

Why Should You Choose Us for Aston Martin Car Services?

At our workshop, we understand the importance of a smoothly running car. Therefore, we offer a wide range of our Aston Martin car services in Dubai at affordable pricing. We prioritize our customer satisfaction and work right according to their requirements. Our team works while paying meticulous attention, showing off its skills. 

  • Premium Quality

We believe in high quality and always make sure to use top-quality oil or the parts that we are replacing. 

  • Pick up Service

Our team will pick up the car from your location with complete care if you cannot bring it to our garage. 

  • Error-free Working

Our workers are completely knowledgeable and perform error-free work, meeting the needs of our clients. 

  • Minimum Time

We require minimum time for the completion of our task because we understand how precious your time is.